Child models-Glamour Model Pageant

According to several parents who emailed, for about a $100 registration fee, they attended a weekend Glamour Model Pageant, entering their very young daughters, typically about two years old. The pageant had as many as 75 children.
Then a day, a week, or two weeks later, they received a letter from Young Faces Inc.
Young Faces Inc. states in the letter they have seen their child, or a photo of their child, and ask the parents to bring their child to an interview with Young Faces. (Some parents wonder how they saw their child, but they attend the interview, nevertheless.)
At the interview, Young Faces Inc. solicits about $150 per child for advertising space in a "book" or "catalog," which they say is sent to modeling agencies, the idea being modeling agents will see the child, then sign them to the agency, so they can receive work as child models.

Young Faces tells parents they are not a modeling agency and they get no commission if an agency picks up a child. They just give out their name and address, and the agency contacts them directly. All they do is publish a directory, a publication they say is sent to companies and individuals who utilize the services of contracting models. Read More