Child Modeling Competition

I have had a little more
recent (:-) experience with it, being that my now 5 year old son is a
former baby model. I enjoyed it for 3 reasons 1) My ego *loved* seeing my
beautiful baby in print 2) The money made a substantial nest egg in
Teagan's savings account & 3) It was kind of fun.

I disliked it for basically only one reason....the competition was so
fierce, other mothers (I guess you'd call them stage moms) were,
more often than not, unfriendly, rude and pushy. I did it with Teagan
to have some fun, get to see my baby in the paper, and maybe make some
friends.....the friend part just didn't stand a chance.

I think one of the most important consideration to make when deciding
about baby modeling is: what is your child's personality like?
Is he/she naturally sunny, is he/she a "performer"? Is he/she
willing to be manipulated (maybe a truly accurate word depending on
how you view child modeling...) into whatever position the photographer
and assistant want him/her to be in? read more

Teagan was a natural. He would bestow incredible killer smiles on
anyone who showed any interest in receiving one, would entertain
everyone on the set with his antics, and seemed oblivious to the
fact that it was work.

We only did it for about a year though, because then we moved to Berkeley
for 10 months, got an agent in San Francisco and saw the competition was so
incredible,(you would be "summoned" to these horrendous "cattle calls")
it just wasn't fun or enjoyable any more. Read More