Child modeling up to parents

Campbell: 'Child modeling up to parents'

Naomi Campbell has decided to back a campaign to ban children under the age of sixteen from being allowed to model on the catwalk by urging their parents to consider carefully whether they are healthy enough to do so.

The supermodel, who began modelling herself from the age of 15, has said that young models should not be allowed to appear at London Fashion Week if they are too young and are not fully-formed yet.

Campbell admitted that she thought some of the models were not old enough at this year's event, but claimed that it is up to each individual girl and her parents.

She said: "My mother said no initially and understandably so. But a month or so before my 16th birthday she said 'OK you can go and do this shoot'.

"If your child is healthy and buxom and you think that she’s able then it’s really up to the parent. But I understand why these rules have to be enforced."