Baby Model Search

Сraco Children's Products Inc. Invites Moms or Dads and Babies Across America to Enter the My Graco Baby Model Search

It's not an accident that your baby
is so darn irresistible ... good looks tend to run in the family and, oh
baby, did your little one catch the cute gene! Although he or she may be
too little to grace the cover of Vogue, it's not too early to show off that
winning smile and hereditary good looks next to Mom or Dad on the cover of
the Fall 2007 Graco(R) Catalog! Graco Children's Products, a leading
manufacturer of infant and juvenile products, is putting a twist on the
traditional baby model search by bringing Mom or Dad into the picture! All
that's required for the My Graco Baby Model Search is a priceless picture
of mom or dad with a baby under the age of 12 months to be entered to win a
spot on the cover of the catalog and a lifetime worth of bragging rights!