Child Acting Scams And How To Spot Them

Most parents think their child holds all the potential in the world to become the next big child star like, Gary Coleman or Raven Symone. For this reason many parents easily fall victim to scam artists that claim to be legitimate acting or modeling agencies.

If you don't know how the scenario goes here it is: a company runs an ad claiming to be looking for talented children for commercials, television shows, movies and print ads, then you arrange a meeting at a hotel or some rented out office space so they can "evaluate" your child. Who can blame a parent for think that their child has the chance to grace the covers of magazines, be a movie star or a national commercial star.

After these "acting and modeling agency" scouts lure you in with their persuasive ads, they have you come to a hotel where they have you sit and listen to someone talk about the fame and fortune your child can get from acting and modeling, they're just getting you excited when they do this.

They sound even more legitimate when during the hotel meeting, they weave some children out for not having what it takes and deciding to keep your child, bringing your hopes even higher for your child. Once they tell you that your child was kept for having "what it takes" they then ask you for an "investment" for your child to go further. Most of these scam agencies ask you to pay multiple fees, the most common "fees" they ask you to pay is for a session with "top talent agencies from Los Angeles and New York City".

Just when it seems like this is your child's big break you head to the meeting to find nobody there and just when you call the scam artist "talent agents" back about the situation, their contact details are useless and you've just put your self in debt between the $3,000 $4,500 range.

Now don't get me wrong here, these so called acting and modeling agencies do provide acting and modeling "lessons" but they do not guarantee your child any acting or modeling jobs, at least 99% of the time. So if you fall for these scams, you will more than likely not be able to get your money back because they will tell you that they didn't guarantee your child any work.

A new way that modeling scouts try to get your money is by going out and finding your child at local shopping malls and other public locations. They approach you and tell you how good your child looks and how they could possibly be a big star, then they give you a card and a short monologue for your child to go home and practice before they visit the "agency".

The common question that is asked is how to spot these scam artists who claim to be acting and modeling agents, it's quite simple when you call the "agency" or when you're approached by a "scout" ask them for their credentials, ask them to list some of their clients and possibly give you their contact information for verification. Most likely if you know how to spot a scam when you see one, you won't have to worry about being ripped off by these guys.
Michael Russell Your Independent guide to Acting.