Baby Modeling & Beyond: From the Stroller to the Red Carpet

"A helpful guide for parents who are interested in getting their children involved in the business."

Baby-Modeling Beyond Stroller Carpet answers your questions! From how to get an agent or manager to booking your child's first job, Baby Modeling & Beyond walks you through the process. Packed with resources including agency listings, advice from agents, photographers, financial advisors and parents, it gives you the real deal about building a career in the entertainment industry for your child. Whether your child is Broadway-bound or has Hollywood heat, from infant to teen, Baby Modeling & Beyond shares the secrets of breaking into show business.

"If you are seriously interested in getting your child into modeling, then this is the book that will answer any and all your questions. From the 1st to the last page you get neccessary information."

"So many books promise you the "inside" scoop but this book is the real deal! Honest information and a no nonsense look at a tough business. A MUST HAVE for anyone who thinks their child has what it takes to make it in modeling or acting. Before you take the pictures or go out on that first casting this book. It will arm you all the tools you need to protect your child's career. "