Real Child Modeling Agents Do Not Cost Anything

Real agents don't cost anything and you don't need professional photos before
seeing an agent. Photos you've taken will be fine. The agent shouldn't send
you someplace where you have to pay for photos. There are tons of scams in
this business, don't get taken. To find an agent, look in the yellow pages, or
at the agency names in the photo credits of parenting magazines, or in local
free parenting magazines you will usually find ads for agents (at least where
I live).

Its tons of work for the parents with very little pay. Many children don't
tolerate it well, lots of waiting. Different types of kids are *in style* at a
given time, so if your grandchild isn't accepted by an agency, it may just be
that they already have too many children who look similar, or clients aren't
looking for that type of child at that time.

To do much work, you need to live near a major city. But of course that means
more competition. Some parents are really into their child modeling and it
makes for some not so pleasant experiences. (Stereotypical stage moms.) Most
of the people I know who work with child models are very patient with the
children, but you might run into some who are not. You can always take the
child and leave. Read more