Never make the child feel as though modeling is something he/she has to do

What got us started is photo contests. You know the kind where you submit a professional, (like Kmart or Sears, nothing to fancy), photo of your child to be judged.

Walmart has one every year. That way your child is seen, but is not smothered. From there we got casted with an agency. He modeled for about 1 1/2 years, and decided he did not like it, so we stopped. That simple.

Never make the child feel as though it is something he/she has to do. My son, even though he was extremely young, (We stopped about six months ago, and he is three today) always knew that if he did not want to have his picture taken that all he had to do was let us know. He's been able to communicate his feeling for 2 years, (I don't want to say "talk"). All the money he made was put in a trust for him, so he will be able to go to college. read more