Child Modeling: Do personal managers really help?

"My 6 year old daughter met with National Talent Agency last night. They
are personal managers. Do personal managers really help? Or would I be
better off doing it on my own? They said that they submit with the
William Schuller (sp?) agency. Are the reputable? Please help I only
have 3 days to cancel the contract!! ........"

............." Schuller Agency is a reputable agency in New York City. There are
others who are better. It is my opinion as a children's fashion
photographer that a child has an equal chance of getting into an agency
being submitted from a parent as being submitted by a manager.

Agency personel are professionals in spotting potential talent and don't
necessarily rely on managers to bring in new talent.

Personally, I only hire from specific agencies and have disapointing
experiences with children on contract with managers and freelancing with
agencies. Read More