Child Actors: Sisters win in Hollywood

Two Rock Creek Forest Elementary School sisters will fly to California this weekend for a red-carpet Hollywood awards show, where they will be guests of honor.

The Flores sisters, Rockzana, 10, and Sabrina, 9, are child actors from Silver Spring who recently won a national award for their interests outside the acting world, bucking the troubled child actor stereotype.
The sisters volunteer at a women’s homeless shelter, earn good grades and play sports.

However, when they began acting two years ago, industry pressure briefly encroached on their happy family.

Sabrina was the sister who first began pestering her mother, Jazzlyn, 42, for acting classes. She wanted — and still wants — to be an actress.

Rockzana was only tagging along. But she quickly won her first role, as a crying child in a domestic violence public service announcement. Read More