Baby Modeling Tips

" A typical baby modeling day might involve four hours in a waiting room and then making a few hundred dollars if your child is one of the few chosen for the shoot.

Needless to say, your child should be very patient. He/she does not need to be unusually attractive; small and young-looking for age helps.

But the cardinal rule of child modeling is that you do not ever pay a single penny of your money to any so-called "agency" for any reason whatever, nor do you patronize any photography studio to which they refer you. *They* pay *you*.

Before signing with an agency, get three references to families whose children have had successful modeling careers through the agency.

Confirm them by phone. The majority of posts we see on this subject are from parents who have been asked to front several hundred dollars for portraiture by companies that have never actually placed a child model. These companies simply prey on the vanity of parents. Read more