Child modelling?

".....I've always said that I'll only continue to do it until we aren't having fun any more.

In the beginning, when she was 10-12 months old, we got lots of jobs, and she did really well. It was a piece of cake, for both of us. We haven't gotten as many jobs in the past few months, and it seems to be weeks between calls.
She has done some fit modeling for a few companies, which is interesting -- she'll try on 6-8 outfits, while designers see how the clothes fit her. All the while, she's playing with toys or the other child, holding books or blocks, etc. The biggest problem with fit modeling is that it doesn't pay great, and she's not a fan of having her clothes changed 9 times in an hour.

Anyway, like I said, I'm not having her do this to become the next Brooke Shields or Olsen girls, it's just something to do. If she wants to get into acting or modeling later in life, that will be her decision. It's a business. Life is about a lot more than what you look like, so I hope she'll get into something else.
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