The Kids Hollywood Connection, CA USA

Have you ever asked yourself, how do I get my children into show business? How Do I Start? Where Do I Begin?
Does your child have show business potential? First, ask yourself this.
Is your child motivated to be in show business? Is this what your child wants to do? Is this something your child sees as fun?
If you answered "yes" to these questions, then the only other question is: Does your child have what we call "sparkle"? Here is some of what to look for: Does your child attract other people's attention? Do friends and strangers tell you that "your child should be on TV"? Does your child have an outgoing personality? Is your child comfortable with strangers when you are not present? Can, and will, your child follow directions? Can your child read and memorize written material? If he or she is too young to read, can they memorize lines with your help? If this describes your child, please call us to set up an evaluation, your child might have a future in show business.
If the answer is yes, you owe it to yourself and your child to set up an evaluation. Start living your dream!
Through the guidance and direction of The Kids Hollywood Connection, your dream for your child's show business career can come true. Your child, if he or she has the right potential, can be in: Television Commercials, Print Advertising, Theatrical Parts or even a Series!
The Kids Hollywood Connection was founded twenty five years ago by Phyllis Henson, a mom whose own three children appeared in over 150 national commercials. Phyllis has vowed to help others avoid the mistakes she had made. She founded The Kids Hollywood Connection, and has helped at least 10,000 others avoid the non-reputable companies that people hear about in the news almost on a daily basis.
THE KIDS HOLLYWOOD CONNECTION'S in-depth consultation will answer questions such as:
Does my child need an agent? What can we expect from an agent? What will an agent expect from us? What are the child labor laws and guidelines concerning children's income? What does my child need to work in the industry? Legal paperwork, professional photos, composites, portfolios, etc.? Does my child need workshops or training? Why? Does my child get on-set schooling? Are parents permitted on the set? What kind of wardrobe does my child need for auditions? For interviews? What can my child expect in an interview with prospective agents? Commercial auditions? Does my child need a professional manager? What is their function? How necessary are they? What kind of an investment, commitment and responsibility will be expected of the parent?

NEWPORT BEACH OFFICE 1151 Dove St. Ste. 225 Newport Beach, California 92660 Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 6:30 PM PST

Due to the nature of this business you need to either live in Southern California or be prepared to move to Southern California for Kids Hollywood Connection to assist with placement of your child

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