Stuart teens model for Foster Grants

All three of the Rinke children turned heads long before their first head shot, their mother remembers.

"People would stop me with Samuel when he was a baby and ask if they could pet his hair. They were really beautiful babies, and good kids, inside, too. There's a lot of peace in them," she says.

Although this is the Rinkes' first national spot, Sophia has done local ads for the Marshall-Fields department store chain and a television ad back in the Midwest. She was originally the one most interested in modeling, "It's been a dream of mine," she says. But, according to Robin Rinke, her siblings were "signed on the spot" as well.

"They saw Phoebe's picture and said, 'She's adorable. Bring her in, too. And look at Sam. Doesn't he want to model, too?,' " Robin Rinke says.

"I thought Sophie was going to sign up so I was like 'I guess so,' and the door kinda opened," Sam elaborates. "I figured it was a good way to make some money and put away something for college or a car." Read More About These Kids-Models

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